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Hortus Nubium

a garden of creative collaboration

Hortus Nubium is a website that showcases a  variaty of work created in collaboration between my favorite artist (and person in general) Finn Borath and myself. We like to think of it as a garden build on clouds. Thought clouds to be more precise. Clouds that float around in our communal headspace. Hortus Nubium is our garden of creative collaboration!

Just like in real life, it takes a lot of work, time, love, and the right weather circumstances to grow a luscious, fruitive garden. That's why Hortus Nubium is an ongoing project that keeps growing and growing as the seasons pass by. 

You are always welcome to spend some time in the garden. Feel free to take a nap underneath the tree's , go for a swim in the pool , or pick some nice flowers...

online gallerie & show

est. in 2020

We've creates screensavers for your computer. To turn your virtual sleepmode into an artsy dreammode! Download your coppy at

We've made postcards of the works WISHING WELL & ON ROUTE. now available for purchase @traderspopmaastricht for € 1,- wow lol!

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