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Laila Claessen (18-11-1995) is a multidisciplinary artist and theatre maker from the Netherlands. In her work, she spans performance, film, site- specific theatre, sensory food experiences, and Vedic science, operating both independently and collaboratively.

Combining her art education with a study of Vedic Science, she infuses her work with a distinct and unique dimension. Covered in dark humor, childish philosophy, and ugly metaphors that twist and turn themselves in search for a bigger meaning, she creates a cute but creepy and most of all a disarming mash-up that makes her work recognizable and relatable.

Since 2021, she co-founded 'The Midnight Specials', a performance collective dedicated to grotesque, filmic site-specific theatre experiences.
In addition to her own work, she contributes her acting and performing skills to various film and theatre projects.

Disclaimer : This photograph is not a faithful representation of the actual specimen.



                                                                                                               - Herself, in third person.


pic by QiQi van Boheemen


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