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Circle of lies

balancing on borders and illusory lines

In a sequel to our last performance 'IM SO SICK OF CIRCLES' , Lieke and I have decided to step into the ring again once more. The circle of lies, in which we try to tackle the horizon holding hands

searching for the truth. 

A border that keeps shifting with every step we try to approach it.

The gullible romantic, the glorifier of the invisible, tries to proof the truthfulness of her love. But that's a lie hard to take when you've been hurt before, and your stuck in the empty realization that this sense of truth can never be fully captured.

It’s about love.

And it’s about lies.

Love can be a lie, but it is also always true.

There is nothing truer in this world than the lie of love.

(tekst inspired by Elaine Kahn)

theatrical performance

written and performed by Lieke van der Vegt and myself 

language: english

duration: 30 min


' it’s illusory I know

But i can’t unthink the things I think, can i

Unthink a tought


'CIRCLE OF LIES' was created in collaboration with these two devilish dollfaces. Lieke van der Vegt (up)  and Just van Bommel (down) are both incredible performers and rising superstars. I feel so blessed for having worked with them twice now. Click the links to check out their work!


Everything is temporary young lady, even the truth has its time.

As long as it is in the heart its true, the moment it’s out it’s not.’

Many thanks to  Elaine Kahn, Anna Luka Da Silva, Valentijn Byvanck, Peter Missotten, Finn Borath, Nine van Weert, Max Gruson and of course Mr. man with the hammer Just van Bommel.

This project was realized with the support of VIA ZUID, talent development performing arts Limburg & Toneelacademie Maastricht, institute of performative arts.

This up here, is a little trailer. Click here  to see the full show :)

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