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Being an artist can be hard sometimes. At least for me it is. When i get discouraged by insecurity, fear of inspiration to let me down, swell in (self) torture because I tend to believe that ‘all artist must suffer that's why it's called painting ‘. But what if I don’t want to suffer anymore. In 1964 Susan Sontag wrote the following into her diary: ‘art is a form of nourishment of consciousness, of the spirit’. And then I wondered, if art holds out the promise of inner wholeness, could the creation of art, be a nourishment of ass well? If I finally find harmony, can I still be an artist?

If you want to read more about the origin of this question, make sure you check out my personal note.

I composed the term Rachnaveda by combining two Sanskrit words: Rachna meaning creation and Veda meaning knowledge or science. A science based on ancient Vedic culture and contemporary art craftsmanship. 


Rachnaveda can be used by artist from all disciplines. It teaches a spiritual attitude, to restore connection with the great harmony.

‘But why’ you may ask ‘why isn’t full harmony at our disposal from the very start? Why are we so limited?’

We might just as well ask why a flower must first be a bud, or a butterfly a li'l pupa. Like all other life, the Art life is obviously experienced as a growing process.

With Rachnaveda i've created a 9 steps method for artistic creation inspired by Vedic Tantra. You are free to experiment with implementing these steps into your own artistic proces. On top of that you can introduce the use of affirmations to approach your ideas. Get an understanding of to perceive your work as an artist as karmic creation

I would recommend to start with the quick guided preparation to tickle your sensibility! you can find it on the top of this page.

Guided preparationRachnaveda
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As a part of my graduation from the Toneelacademie Maastricht, I shared some parts of this research project 'Rachna Veda' during an online Lecture Performance 

language: english

duration: 15 min


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Karmic creation

Tantric act of art


A Personal note




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