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The Fool & the Thief

 Flirty games & dirty gambles

A short movie about an emotional gambling machine, embodied by a young woman. 

We rarely get a grip on our emotions. We try to control them with the power of hope, but when death or love overtakes us, we remain subservient slaves of our ruling feelings. We are trapped in a game, become addicted to the fear of death and the confirmation of love. We behave like gambling addicts in casinos.

The fool and the Thief is a movie that takes place in an artificial world that could just as well be ours. In this world, where luck is for sale, or to win out of vending machines, numb objects discuss emotional matters.


'Now. Wanna play a game?

Its easy.

The one who falls in love first looses.'

a short film

written and performed by myself

language: english

duration: 20 min


'I've got a sweet remedy, what was it again, it's at the tip of my tongue.


Oh, there it is: 'Revenge'.

One day I'm going to take revenge on life, for every moment i had to live it.'

'I've got something for you.

it's endorphin.

you're gonna love it.'

Many thanks to Daniel van Hauten, Sjef wanders, Chloé Wasselin, Sara Schoon, Lander van de Velde, Diederik Kreike, Caspar Woortman and Finn Borath <3 

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