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I'm so sick of circles

hoola hooping through a hellish looping 

There's no guide for survival. 

No 'what to do's when feet are sore'

no remedies, no strategies,

and no clue what to to against all the nausea.

Life is a circle, and there is no escape from it.
Even if we would try to escape the everlasting circle of life, we’d soon find out that all escapes are loops. And that sucks.

So we created this piece 'I'm so sick of circles'.

We’ve shovelled a gloomy sphere, where dismal creatures shelter. All individually trying to cope with the consequences of living, exploring the borders of their desires, walking round and round balancing on the outer circle of their own everlasting, where sometimes, for a brief moment, they cross each other.

We invite you to spy on them, from your own safe private circle, as they go through a whimsical moment together; the beginning of everything. All over.


(play the video to see some fragments of the performance)

Live performance

written and performed by Just van Bommel, Lieke van der Vegt and myself

language: english

duration: 40 min


'I'm so sick of circles' was created in collaboration with these two devilish dollfaces. Lieke van der Vegt (up)  and Just van Bommel (down) are both incredible performers and rising superstars. I feel so blessed for having worked with them. Click the links to check out their work!

'It is night and I’m alone. Again.

I like to be alone.

But I don’t like to feel alone. It is a big difference.

I like to feel in touch.

Witch someone.

Or at least myself.'

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