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My body remembers

searching for clues in the lines of my claws

‘My body remembers’ is a solo performance that explores the function of the body as an archive.

'See, Answers.

Their written all over me.

Some of them i wrote myself, little souvenirs of the past...

But most of them are inscribed by others.

I am a physical composite of the thousands of people that it took to make up me.

They reside in my DNA,

and they’re expressed in my movement,

my behavior.

My body remembers

All the things we never dare to talk about

This is an archive,

a place where untold stories forever will survive.

I’ll read you a story''

(play the video to see a registration of the performance)

Live performance

written and performed by myself

language: english

duration: 30 min


'I shelter the wild.

And I’ve learned to feel ashamed about it.

So I grew my hair long to hide my feelings'

‘She’s cute when she’s sleeps

My sweetie

My child

My sweet little childhood'

'When the sun is facing you,

you never now what your shadow’s doing.

There for it is better to stay in gloomy places.

The dark side of live is actually the save one.

Cuz its no place for shadows to misbehave.

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