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Equivalent of Gold

a very emotional screening

Equivalent of gold is a visual bed time story that turns out to be a miserable sad time story.

A monument for a broken heart.


With this work, the artist has tried to visualize her thoughts and feelings about being a little broken hearted cry baby.

Covered in dark humor, ugly metaphors and childish philosophy, she invites you to take a look inside of her head. The artist is aware of the fact that being honest to people in the year of 2018 often makes them feel uncomfortable, but she doesn’t care. She thinks of it as a taboo desperately in need to be broken.

The artist allows the audience to laugh about her and her work. The artwork itself is very depending on her audience. It needs you to tell her to finally ‘get over it’, for god sake.

The artist is me.

This broken heart is mine.

But it could have been yours.


The artists biggest wish is for this piece to sooth everyone who can relate to this story.

Video installation

text & image created by me

language: english

duration: loop of 18.09 min.


'Do you want to know what i’m thinking?

That’s possible.

See, I collect al my thoughts in these little clouds that hang above my head,

So i don’t loose them.

It’s realy convenient. Like google clouds, but with out google.'

This video was created with simple software for dummy’s like Garageband, Imovie and Quicktime player, and has been screened on the artists own 13-inch MacBooc Air.

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