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The Midnight Special

When horror meets soap, a fabulous thrill for the sleepless

THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL is a visual performance about fear and darkness, inspired by fairytales, myths and other work of artists who romanticize obscurity. Just van Bommel, Lieke van der Vegt and myself are exploring the meaning of fear and how fundamental it is to our being.

' Fear of the dark is essentially unspecific, 

like darkness itself it's formless, engulfing, full of menace,

full of..

Got curious?

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August 2 t/m 13 @ Amsterdamse Bostheater


August 29 & 30 @ Cultura Nova Festival, Heerlen

We can't wait to kill it!

theatrical performance

written and performed by Just van Bommel, Lieke van der Vegt & me, Laila Claessen

language: english

duration: 30 min


As the dusk settles in, and the night falls, things start to change. A car’s headlights pierce through the woods. Wait… was that a person on the road ahead? A radio loses range. A woman grins broadly. A strange encounter challenges everything you thought you knew about the dark.

We believe introductions are in order...
Some of you might know us, others may think 'who the hell are are these creatures, crawling through that hole...'

We are Just van Bommel, Laila Claessen and Lieke van der Vegt. Three friends that found each other in 2019 at the Institute of Performative arts / Toneelacademie Maastricht. Now it's time to introduce ourself into this  world as a wild and free theatre collective,  aka The Midnight Special. 

Got curious?

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Production: @anneeseders 
Costume Design: @ninevanweert 
Sound Design: @mrmn_music @mcasarini
Artistic Coaching: @thomasdudkiewicz 
Poster Photography: @basdebrouwer 
Poster Design: @hannesschievink 

Scene shots: Sjoerd Derine

This project was realized with the support of VIA ZUID, talent development performing arts Limburg,  Het Amsterdamse Boslab, The Olland-Buisman Stichting, Zwolse Theaters and Toneelacademie Maastricht, institute of performative arts.

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