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Dream Baby Scream

An intimate spectacle about the dark side of showbizz

theatrical performance

written and performed by Just van Bommel, Lieke van der Vegt & me, Laila Claessen

language: english

duration: 40 min


As the evening settles in, a spotlight starts its search for young blood. Light shatters on a sequin dress. There! In the distance three Motherfucking Divas appear on a phantom ship, sailing on former glory. Sparkling like real stars: lonesomely smoldering in the distance.

‘DREAM BABY SCREAM’ is a site-specific grotesque and visual performance about the dark side of Showbizz. The American Dream gained foothold in Dutch territory. Inspired by the highly recognizable Hollywood movie genre musical biographical picture they dive into the tragedy that hides behind this insatiable generation. An intimate spectacle about those who will always yearn for sweet success.

‘DREAM BABY SCREAM’ by theatre collective The Midnight Specials (Just van Bommel, Laila Claessen and Lieke van der Vegt) is produced by Amsterdamse Bostheater in co-production with VIA ZUID and Cultura Nova.

We are Just van Bommel, Laila Claessen and Lieke van der Vegt. Three friends that found each other in 2019 at the Institute of Performative arts / Toneelacademie Maastricht.  

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Click  here  for an article in the Volkskrant!


Concept & Performance  - Just van Bommel, Laila Claessen en Lieke van der Vegt  | 

Artistic Coach  - Luit Bakker  | 

Production  - Roy Jakobs  | 

Sound design  - Jonathan Bonny  | 

Costume Design  - Nine van Weert  | 

Hair and Make Up  - Sara Schoon  | 

Poster fotografie  - QiQi Van Boheemen  | 

Poster design  - Hannes Schievink  | 

Poster make-up  - Angus mc Millan

This project was realized with the support of VIA ZUID, talent development performing arts Limburg,  Het Amsterdamse Boslab,  Zwolse Theaters 

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