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A little affirmation


‘I am not my ideas.’ In Rachnaveda it is believed that whether you are a good or a bad artist never depends on your ideas. Its not about the ideas, it’s about how you approach them. You are not your ideas. You are just the one perceiving them.  


All that the mind reveals, it has a need to show. Even the bad ideas. Dispirited ideas must come up and out, they need to be experienced. Only then the mind lets go of them and gives room for the big magnum opuses. These will appear when the mind has had the opportunity to finish coming up with all the rest. When you relax while facing the foolish stupid ideas, harmony and perspective appear of their own accord.

Follow the foolish one tot he bottom until it can go no further, until it looks quite hopeless – let that thought rage itself out – and then experience how the weak thought vanishes and a strong brilliantly potential thought appears by itself. However, its not good stopping halfway. Surrender to it, let it happen while you watch – all the way tot he bottom. If you force the mind away from it, you will always return to them. You will always be left with a mess at your deadline. But if you satisfy the mind, concentration becomes possible. You are not your ideas. You are the one perceiving them. Which makes me think about another Susan Sontag quote:‘Intelligence is really a kind of taste: taste in ideas.’

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