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Personal note


On September 2020 I wrote the following into my diary:

I consider a spiritual practice to be something you can do to get to know more bout yourself. To feel more connected with that self, and all other life surrounding. It increases a certain understanding that’s not subjected to provable facts, but is build on a simple ‘knowing by being’.


‘Art is a result of inspiration, and inspiration has a spiritual nature. The artist functions kind of like a mediator between the eloquence of his inspiration, and the expectator.’- Andrej Tisma.

So I could say right now that art is in its base a spiritual activity.


But, when I think of a spiritual practice, i just can’t seem to connect that to the way I have been feeling past couple of years during art school. I really can’t find a reference between spiritualism and all the terrors I have felt, the self-hate and neglectment, the jealousy, the exhaustion, the insomnia or how I tried to comfort myself from all of that with life-threatening amounts of vegan dark chocolate…


When I think of spiritual practices I think of the place I’ve been going to every summer and winter to escape those feelings; ‘Anahata Yoga Centre’, an Ashram and Retreat Center located on a little island in Denmark called Møn. Here I’ve met Kåre an Camilla Netterstrøm, who taught me a lot about Hatha Yoga, Atma Kriya, Meditation, Mantra Singing, Sound Healing… They included me to their spiritual family and introduced me to Hinduism, which to me opened a whole world of possibilities, knowledge and methods to find cure, balance and spiritual growth.


It is now October 2020, and I would like to take a moment to reflect.

Back in September, when I started this research, I was hoping to find a way to connect these two different worlds I am living in and the practices that I perform in both of them. I wanted to combine my art work with my inner work so I looked for all the possible answers to the question "CAN ART BE A SPIRITUAL PRACTICE, FOR ME?".


Inspired by the experiences and methods of other artists, the people I’ve met in my ‘spiritual world’ and all others who’ve been struggling with this duality in their own lives, I created a new approach to the creation of art; Rachnaveda. A Method for spiritual survival inside of the artworld. Initially I created it for my self, but now through the force of the webs it's openly available for everyone interested.



Just to be clear, I am not doctor, nor a scientist or saint. I am an artist. This method is solely based on artistic belief and wishful thinking. When trying out this method for personal use, keep in mind that it will only bear its fruits with the appliance of benevolent self-fulfilling prophecies.


Because Rachnaveda is not scientifically proven, it is only justified by the power of belief. To me that’s part of its strength.

Sometimes I like to compare Art to God; it is what you want it to be. It is one truth it self, but there are many ways to talk about it.  

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