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In September 2020 this whole project started out with the question ‘Can art be a spiritual practice’. I wanted to find out about all the ways in which it possible could. Therefor I let myself be inspired by the experience and working methods of other artists all throughout art history to the most contemporary ones. During this search I found out that I wasn’t the only one wondering… It looks like spirituality is on trend. Are we in a collective battle against meaninglessness? Or is this more like a fashionable form of movement? We talked about it, together. And I will continue doing so.

My name is Laila, I’m a young performance artist from The Netherlands.

I am currently researching how contemporary art and (new) spirituality relate to each other… 

I keep repeating these questions in my head ‘can art be a spiritual practice?’ Or ‘Can a spiritual practice be art?'

Whillest searching for sources to find some possible awnsers on the web, I came across you... 

I would love to meet you (in person or by wireless devices :) ) to ask you some questions, and go deeper into some of your personal researches….

This is a link to my website:

There you can see some of my work! 


I really Hope to hear from you.

Have a good day,


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