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Karmic creation


When you use the affirmation I am not my ideas, you can perceive your creative process as something that takes place in front of your eyes. You are a part of it – you are the witness and the participant. Emotions, thoughts, wishful thinking, cravings, anger – and the worries that follow – will then be able to be seen through, accepted and exhausted in the act. In the now, the unbroken sequence of nows.

This way, creation can be a ritual. In a way that it conquers all the little things that bury you. By turning the mind to the task of creation and holding it steady in the here-and-now.

The more you give yourself to his task, the less you think about your own comfort or discomfort, the more you will feel part of something that is not just about you, but about all of us – about everything. To unfold yourself, in a way that will not only benefit you – isn’t that is the meaning of life itself.

Let’s have Andrei Tarkovsky to answer that question by referring to a fragment in the Documentary ‘A Poet in Cinema’. Andrei was asked ‘what is art’ and he said.

‘I believe that. To form a concept of art, you first have to face another more important question: why does man exist? We have t use out time on earth to improve ourselves spiritually. This means that art must serve this purpose. The purpose of art is to help man improve himself spiritually. To rise above himself by using this own free will.’


This approach to creation is inspired by the principle of Karma, by the attitudes towards ourselves, our lives and towards others that determine whether we live a happy or an unhappy life.

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